The Day My Spark Returned

Best time to startIt’s funny how we sometimes do things we don’t want to do for so long and then one day BAM! we snap out of it and change everything.

I have been slacking at living heathy for a long time now. Far too long. But it finally happened – I am ready to change and be healthy again!

I logged into SparkPeople this morning and updated my goals and my weight ticker. I wrote a short blog entry (you can read it below), and visited one of the “teams” I am on. I also calculated how long it should take for me to reach my goal weight (which is 15 weeks, by the way!) I will be tracking my nutrition and exercise, as well as my water daily. From my SparkPage:

Back to 2006

Well, it happened – I am just a few pounds shy of weighing what I did when I started my weightloss/healthy living challenge in 2006. I was about 144 then and I am 140 now. Blah

It’s a strange thing to go from being very healthy and fit before and during a pregnancy and then gaining weight AFTER the baby! I attribute my gain to a few things:

Breastfeeding – this is no joke. I was famished and never satisfied while nursing for 25 months. It was kinda terrible. My body seemed to protest any time I wasn’t eating.

Poor food choices – Unfortunately, I chose many “easy” dinners and snacks over healthy during those 25 months…and for the last three months since weaning. There’s no excuse. I was just being lazy.

Lack of motivation in the fitness department – If I had been working out, I am SURE I wouldn’t have been eating the way I was, for I would have felt motivated to make healthy decisions in all areas, not just at the gym (or livingroom, rather). I just haven’t felt that drive to exercise that I used to.

All that being said, I logged on to SparkPeople today because I am READY to get healthy again. I am READY to become slim and trim again. I am READY to feel good inside and out.

Will keep the blog updated as much as I can. :D

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The day when I would FINALLY wake up and feel that awesome Spark that I had on October 23rd, 2006. The day my life changed in such amazing ways. Today is that date again!

Having done this process before, I know how much it takes to change. How many differences there will be, both in my lifestyle and my thinking.

And I am READY.

How’s your motivation lately?

Check me out on SparkPeople. And if YOU are on SP, please let me know!

Image Credit: oklanica via photopin cc

28 thoughts on “The Day My Spark Returned

  1. Excellent!! You do have to be truly ‘ready’ and sometimes that takes a long time. I haven’t used SparkPeople, will head over this evening and check it out. Feeling excited about you making healthier choices – I love reading about it!! Go girl!!!

    • Yeah, I don’t know why but it sure did take a long time! You should, it is a great site with so many wonderful resources!
      Thanks for the encouragement, Rose! :)

  2. Great, Valerie! I finally feel ready not just to lose a few pounds but to be healthy. All part of taking care of YOU! So good to see you pop in on your blog again! :)

    • Yes, I think you are absolutely right – getting healthy has to be the motivation, not just weightloss. I am very much ready to take care of this aspect of me right now. :)

  3. I’m in the same zone, Valerie! I have been making such poior food choices. Glad you found that spark! I agree we are more motivated when exercising. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and struggling to lose weight from too many naughty snacks. But no more!! Good luck!

  4. That’s great Valerie!! and so good to hear from you too! I’ve seen you on Pinterest as I’ve been on there dusting it off after a couple of years of neglect…and my prior use was meager anyway. Great way to find healthy recipes…and everything under the sun for that matter ;)

  5. Oh Valerie since I’ve been back to work I’ve done very little reading of my favorite people. :-) Hi there!

    I need to get back into being healthy too. So far I’m not doing so well with anything other than I’m at least getting to the gym regularly. I just can’t say that I do enough while I’m there! :-)

  6. Awesome! I have been working to get healthier. I’ve made some big victories, but I still have set backs. Your spark is definitely motivating to me! I just have to keep making good choices each day. Good luck to us both! Hard work always pays off.

    • Haha, I don’t know…No, I don’t think I’m back, but I do think I’m going to pop back in on occasion – when I have something really pressing to say. I’m not staying away from my blog like the plague, just taking everything in stride. :)
      That’s great you are trying yoga. I like it in theory but I rarely actually do it. I really like cardio – love when my heartrate gets up!

    • Thanks for the welcome…I’m not officially back but I couldn’t help but share my excitement on getting back my spark! ;)

      I checked out your friend’s blog – thanks so much! I will definitely see if I can join in (and what it’s all about). :)

  7. This is awesome! I started my healthy program last year. I am on an eating plan where I eat to lose weight! I eat a heavy breakfast, a morning snack, a heavy lunch, a second light lunch, an afternoon snack, and then a light dinner. It’s crazy how much I eat a day but I’ve lost 10 pounds in four months. It’s a bit slow but after all the fad diets I’ve been through, I’d like to take this slowly but surely. Making sure that I’m not starving myself by dieting or poisoning my body with junk food. Although, every two weeks, I get a cheat day where I can eat anything and however much I want. I only do 30 minutes of exercise per day (i.e. if can get my lazy butt to work out that day.) :)

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