McCormick Slow Cooker Chicken

Mother’s Day present this year from my husband. I’ve wanted one for a while but was always hesitant about buying one, for fear that I wouldn’t actually use it, but with a toddler now, I need all the help I can get making dinner easier!

Did you know that McCormick makes seasoning packets to use with your slow cooker (crockpot)? We’ve tried two of them now and they were both really good! I don’t cook beef or pork, so I’ve used boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead;  I had to cut the cooking down by almost half, and add a bit of water.  

Just a few ingredients. And have you had Krusteez Honey Cornbread yet? Oh, deliciousness!!

I divide the seasoning packet in half to make two meals because one pound of chicken is used per 1/2 packet, and that’s all our family needs.

I forgot to take pictures of how  we eat it! My husband likes his on the cornbread, and I like it in a hamburger bun with a few pickles. Mmmm!

4 thoughts on “McCormick Slow Cooker Chicken

  1. I have one of those packets sitting on my counter, I think I bought it earlier this year and just keep forgetting to use it. I think I might try it next week. Now that it’s getting cold (here in Iowa) I need to use that crockpot more, and for stuff besides soup! :-)

  2. Iowa, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Iowa. :) Have you always lived there? I grew up in Michigan, but have lived in Georgia since 1997. My mom’s family all live here so that’s why we moved here originally. I know all about cold winters from living in MI, but here they are really mild. Let me know what you think of the slow cooker packet once you make it, won’t you?

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